Project ordered by Archbishop of Bordeaux – Work in progress.

For this creation, Rodolphe Martinez wished sanitized, light and meditative objects. The idea was to create a triangular altar like a ship’s prow (referring to Bordeaux Port past) and symbolic of the Trinity. The altar is openwork brass cross laser cut on the sides and on the table. A lighting system allows the projection cross the ground. The light as close as possible flame candles. The altar gives the impression of a slight elevation through an opaline glass. The altar carries a glass plate to the Office. At the back of the altar, two statues (St Peter and St Paul – 15th century) on brass pedestals.

Finally, at the end of the nave, a large brass cross retro illuminated as a visual signature. The goal is to achieve a contemporary decor, simple, bright, iridescent interior accompanying liturgy and that can nimber and move the believer as the casual visitor. This device comes with a redesigned lighting. Rodolphe Martinez worked with great freedom, an open mind and complete confidence in this project. This is a rare and exciting spiritual adventure. A project in progress with the technical assistance of “L’atelier Zellium” in Bordeaux.