Rodolphe Martinez was born in Mont de Marsan (France) in 1969.

Mixed-media artist, his multiform work oscillates between photography, painting, video, installations and design. His hybrid and singular production features digital as well as more traditional techniques: painting, sculptures, cut-outs and collages.

His sources of inspiration are multiple and include references to painting, sculpture and cinema. His references are antique as well as contemporary. Portraits from Fayoum to Lynch, from Zurbaran to Turner, from sacred art to Mapplethorpe.

Nature, the female form, portraits, wine, the sacred and the city remain his favorite subjects and themes to explore. He captures, accumulates, cuts out, superimposes, melts, covers, paints and manipulates to deliver a phantasmagorical vision, amplified by color that the observer can interpret freely.

He creates through obsession, repetition, variation. He collects thousands of images which become his raw material. He stores mundane images, fragments, samples of artwork, moments, bits of reality that will ultimately be used alone, displaced, played with, melted, mixed and will become unrecognizable.

Myopia plays a huge role in his creations. Myopia is a disorder that conveniently immerses those who suffer from it in a parallel visual universe and forces them to focus on specific details, thereby creating a lyrical composition and reinterpretation. Sometimes, there are layers of stacked images merging into one another like a mix of contrasting emotions, memories which collide and strangely coincide. Sometimes, one image stands alone, transcended by color. A mysterious and cinematic impression, like a fragment of life suspended in time. Trees, cities, women and skulls… It is a work where the most outrageous color often becomes melancholic.

Rodolphe Martinez repeatedly says that he « un-photographs and scrutinizes reality ».